Spanish Words
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terrified despavorido/a
terrify (v) aterrar
terrify (v) aterrorizar
terrifying terrorífico/a
territory territorio
terro pavor
terror terror
terrorism terrorismo
terrorist terrorista
test probar
test prueba
testament testamento
testicle testículo
testify (v) testificar
testify (v) testimoniar
testify to (v) atestiguar
testimony testimonio
tetanuz tétano
text texto
textile textil
textual textual
texture textura
thai tailandés/desa
thanks to gracias a
that is to say es decir
that one ése/a
that aquel
that aquella
that aquello/a
that esa
that ese/a
that eso
that que
the (v) al
the day before yesterday anteayer
the magnesia magnesia
the news noticia
the night before last anteanoche
the northeast noreste
the northwest noroeste
the present time actualidad
the West occidente
the west oeste
the el/a
the lo
the los/las
theater box palco
theater teatro
theatrical teatral
theft robo
theirs sus
them (v) les
them ellos/as
theme tema
themselves se
then después
then entonces
then luego
then pues
theologian teólogo/a
theology teología
theorem teorema
theoretical teórico/a
theory teoría
therapeutic terapéutico/a
therapist terapeuta
therapy terapia
there are hay
there is hay
there was había
there ahí
there ahí
there allá
there allí
therefore así que
thermite termita
thermometer termómetro
thermos termo
thermostat termóstato
these ones éstos
these estos
thesis tesis
they are están
they can pueden
they have tiene
they have tienen
they ellas
they ellos/as
thick grueso/a
thicken (v) espesar
thief ladrón/drona
thief ratero/a
thigh muslo
thimble dedal
thin delgado/a
thin flaco/a
thing cacharro
thing cosa
things cosas
think (v) opinar
think (v) pensar
think up ingeniar
think reflexionar
third from last antepenúltimo/a
third tercer
third tercero/a
third tercio
third-world tercermundista
thirst sed
thirteen trece
thirteenth decimotercero/a
thirteenth treceavo/a