WordsGalore Troubleshooting

If you can't get it to work and you're using Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP, I want to know about it so please email me or call (334) 303-2604.  If English or another European language is not your computer's native language you may need to select English as the "language pack" in the control panel.

Laptop Batteries and Hard Drives

This program uses the file system as the database.  Everytime a word is played, the program accesses the hard drive.  This can really use up your laptop battery power!  And maybe it's not the best thing for the hard drive.  It would be better for the battery and hard drive if it loaded the entire program in RAM on start-up, eventhough that would take a long time loading.

If Your Oleaut32.DLL is Outdated

If you get an error message about your Oleaut32.DLL being outdated, install one of the files below depending on your system:

Windows 95: dc95.exe v 6/1/2001
Windows 98: dcom98.exe v 9/1/2004
Windows NT: vbrun60.exe v 9/18/2000

These are the newest releases from Microsoft as of 3/10/2005.

Strange Problems Crop Up With Word Lists

Sometimes the "known" and "unknown" word lists get corrupted, usually from clicking somewhere else immediately after selecting a word list, before it has a chance to load itself. Or clicking somewhere else really fast after marking a word nkown or unknown.  This is because the "known" and "unknown" word lists are re-created when you mark a word known or unknown.  The way to fix this is to go into c:\program files\wordsgalore\users\(your_login_name)\(the_language) and find text files ending with -u and -k like 100-u and 100-k.  Deleting both files will reset that word list to all words being "unknown".  The master word lists are stored elsewhere, so don't worry.

Run-time Error 13 Type mismatch

Delete the entire folder c:\program files\wordsgalore then delete all desktops shortcuts and start menu items. This deletes the entire program. Reinstall.


Some installations do not have an uninstall routine.  Delete the entire folder c:\program files\wordsgalore then delete all desktop shortcuts and all the items in the start menu. To do this, right-click on the desktop shortcuts and start menu items to see the delete or remove option. This deletes everything associated with the program.

Runtime Error 713

Someone reported the following error message: "Run Time Error '713', Class not registered, You need the following file to be installed on your machine MSSTDFMT.DLL". If you get that message, try downloading this file to your c:\windows\system

Error: fmod.dll not found

This is usually caused by a bad shortcut that was included in old installations.  Try opening the following file on your computer directly: c:\program files\wordsgalore\wordsgalore.exe

Moving Folders Around

The installation of all wordsgalore files and programs does not give the user the option to select a different location.  This is so that beginning computer users do not mess up the installation of future words.  Advanced computer users can move the wordsgalore folder to any location, but all the files in that folder have to stay in the same location relative to the wordsgalore folder.  Installation of future words will then require the advanced user to move the new words to the new location that he/she chose.  Wordsgalore does not use any file (or registry value) outside of the wordsgalore folder except for standard windows components that were available all the way back to Windows 95.  Windows Media Player and its associated dll's are NOT used.

Recorded words will not play in flash cards or save as MP3

This is because you haven't clicked the "email files" button in the recording screen to send the recordings to me.  You can't use the words you record unless you give them to me!

Other Problems

Email or call me!  scott@heelspurs.com (334) 303-2604